Blue, White And Turquoise Ceramic Umbrella Stand, Stick Stand or Vase

  • £40.00
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A glazed ceramic umbrella, stick standor large vase decorated with a stylized blue leaf design on an off white background with a blue and turqoise geometric design around the top. This traditional style umbrella stand could also be used as a large vase for  arrangements of flowers, twigs or branches. Approximately 47cm high x 20cm diameter. This item is slightly distressed ceramic. This means during the manufacturing process slight imperfections have been deliberately created. These give the item an older more 'antique' look than it would have if it had been made to be perfect. There may be parts of a design missing, slight bumps or other surface imperfections or irregularities in the glaze. These are meant to give the careworn and well used look of a much older item to a recently manufactured product. This distressed finish is not to be regarded as a fault.